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i-Loupe Lens

i -Loupe treats various types of lenses. We offer a wide range of lenses such as plastic lenses, optical lenses, Fresnel lenses, concave lenses, and convex lenses at affordable prices to industries, research institutes, schools, researchers, DIY specialists, and students.

Various Types of Lenses

i-Loupe is especially devoted to VR lenses. Google released the Google Card Board 2. 0 Production method and lens specifications so that anyone can easily create a VR lens. When we bought several Google lenses from abroad and measured them, most of them were poor in quality, with many specification variations. Hence, we created a mold using the Google standard to make a biconvex lens with a diameter of 34mm. We also have a large number of 25mm VR lenses with excellent quality.

Qualified Google VR Lens

If you need lenses for an industry, school or home, please contact us to meet your requirements. You also have the option to customize we will customize it according to your design specifications

Google Cardboard VR 2.0 Lens

  • Item: ATVR 34

  • Diameter: 34mm

  • Central Thickness: 8.8mm

  • Focal Length: 41mm

  • Lens: Biconvex

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